Kazimierz Matyaszek
Kazimierz Matyaszek
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Recently when I worked with ILSpy I wanted to see the Intermediate Language but I could not find this functionality. So I decided to create a plugin to ILSpy called ILViewer. You can find it on github: https://github.com/kmatyaszek/ILSpy-ILViewer.

You can preview IL code for following members:

  • type
  • field
  • method
  • property
  • event

This ILViewer plugin functionality you can find in the context menu (menu item with header “Show IL code”):

When you clicked on this menu, a new window shows up with IL code:

Based on issue #1284 I also extended console tool ilspycmd to support IL viewer code in console (for more information please refer to PR #1285).