Kazimierz Matyaszek
Kazimierz Matyaszek
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Let’s say that you have a table (shown below) and you want to select rows where column Name contains a percentage sign. So in this case query should return rows with ids: 3, 5 and 6.


If you are going to use the following query:

SELECT [Id], [Name] FROM [Items] WHERE [Name] LIKE '%'

you will receive all rows from your table because in this case % is wildcard character that means any string of zero or more characters.

To fulfill our requirements we can use followings queries:

1) we can use [] wildcard character

SELECT [Id], [Name] FROM [Items] WHERE [Name] LIKE '%[%]%'

2) we can define escape character in query - the escape character has no default and must contain only one character

SELECT [Id], [Name] FROM [Items] WHERE [Name] LIKE '%\%%' ESCAPE '\'

Notice that in the above queries the first and the last percent character is a wildcard that matches zero or more of any character.